Critical thought

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Critic, Critical, Criticize, Criticism, Critical Thought

  • assessment, discernment, judgement of value, merit or worth
    • can be positive or negative judgment
  • from:
    • Greek kritikos for "able to make judgments,"
    • Greek krinein for "to separate, decide"
    • Latin criticus for "a judge, a censor, an estimator"
    • PIE origin root *krei- "to sieve" or to sort, to filter, thus "discriminate, distinguish"
  • critical
    1. a dangerous situation or point of crisis , as in a situation that requires assessment, discernment, judgment, and decision
    2. negative, judgmental, or disapproving, as in a negative judgment or assessment of worth or value
  • note that "criticism" or "critical" comments/feedback is not intended to be an insult
    • instead it is a judgment or assessment of value
    • to be "overly-critical" means to underestimate or ignore the value in something or someone
  • critical thought, then, is the ability to honestly, fairly, and thoughtfully judge
  • "crisis" in Chinese =
Chinese characters for crisis (traditional and simplified Chinese)
  • = combination of two characters:
    • danger
    • + opportunity