US History timeline & concept chart introduction page

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Welcome to the US History timeline & concept chart pages

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  • to help students to
    • associate timelines with events, persons, themes & concepts
    • associate presidents with timelines, themes & concepts
    • identify timelines with BIG IDEAS across periods of US history
    • find connections and common themes across US history
    • easily find relevant details for larger comprehension
  • to help teachers to
    • quickly review US History content for lesson planning
    • provide students with easy and complete reference source for US history

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  • these timeline & concept charts use tables in order to connect ideas, timelines, and major concepts
  • tables are not mobile-friendly (they do not wrap to a single column)
  • when these charts are complete, we will in the future convert the charts to mobile-friendly format as an alternative file
  • we encourage you to use a tablet or larger monitor in order to see the charts here


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