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Analysis, analytical

  • analysis =
    • detailed examination, especially of underlying elements, structures and conditions
    • separation of or breaking down something into its parts
    • turning a complex thing or system into simple elements or parts
  • analyze = to examine in detail, break into parts, etc.
  • analytical = in the state of analysis
  • from:
    • PIE *an- and thus ana- for "up, back, into, throughout, against, again"
    • PIE *leu for "to loosen, divide, cut apart" and
      • thus the Greek analusis, meaning, "divided up"
  • related words:
    • analog (British, analogue): a word corresponding with another
    • analogy: a comparison, or correspondence (relating) things or elements
      • particularly to offer an explanation or clarification
      • "let me offer you an analogy of that idea..."
    • analogical -ly
      • = expressing or in the state of an analogy
      • "speaking analogically, this wind today is a beast in the jungle"
  • opposite of analysis is synthesis (bringing together)
    • * todo synthesis, evaluation << todo