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analogy is used to explain or illuminate one thing or idea by comparison to another unrelated thing or idea

  • = a comparison of two dissimilar things
  • also, corresponding to, representative of, in proportion to
  • from ana- ("into", according to") + -logy (of the word)
    • ana- from PIE *gwa- for "to go, come"

analogy rhetorical devices[edit | edit source]

metaphor[edit | edit source]

  • a comparison without the words "as" or "like"
    • ex. "She is the workhorse of the office"
  • frequently, a metaphor is created by dropping the comparison words "as" or "like"
    • ex. "The sun is a red hot iron on my forehead"

simile[edit | edit source]

  • makes a direct comparison
    • as
      • note that "such as" provides an example whereas "like" makes a comparison
    • like