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Mission Statement

School4Schools Lesson Planner Wiki is dedicated to providing accessible, useful, and efficient content-specific information and other resources for teacher lesson planning, classroom use, and student content enhancement.

Site plans & development

The A+ Club Lesson Planner & Student Study Guide website is a working test site for a wiki-based educational content management system (CMS) for schools and students to use for curricular development, lesson planning and student study. Unlike sites such as Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, etc., the intention is not to run assignments and grades, or to log assignments, but to house course curriculum and lesson plans for department- and course-level organization and student interaction with it.

The wiki platform offers a unique solution for content management and lesson planning, and we aim to delivery this functionality to schools and students.

Please see this page for development ideas and possible uses and solutions: Site development (go to Talk tab)

Mermaid graphics generator now active (Jan/24)

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General Overview

These pages are dedicated to student and teacher success. Easy and accessible, you will find here content-specific ideas, concepts, information, and learning and teaching strategies, for studying, learning, lesson planning, teaching, and personal content-area enhancement. Available in the same wiki format as Wikipedia.org, you may edit, add, and share ideas here, and in the process build this unique resource for efficient, productive, and powerful lesson planning and teaching.

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